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NYDD is about Dogs

New York Dog Daycare
is simply taking a great idea and improving on it. Everyone knows that a well socialized dog is a happier and more secure dog. So at NYDD Dog Daycare there are several different areas for different groups of dogs to meet and play and hang out with each other with no cages. Dogs simply have a great time playing and socializing at NYDD.

All NY Dog Daycare doggie guests as well as all NY Dog Daycare Boarding guests, are all walked outside several times during the day and there is no added charge. We also have easy access to a wonderful park with a rarely used but beautifully maintained dog run. Boarding is provided in the same Upper East Side NYC location, (East Harlem), as is the Dog Daycare, with 24 hour, on location supervision.

If your dog requires special medication, we are here to facilitate that requirement. If your dog has a special diet or eating schedule we will make sure your dog maintains the schedule he or she is accustomed to.

Additionally, we now offer affordable veterinary services, providing all your dogs' vaccination requirements, given with all the Love possible, at very affordable prices.